About ANTENNA Group

Antenna Group is an international media and entertainment organization operating across Europe, North America and Australia, founded in 1988 when Minos Kyriakou made the Kyriakou family’s first media investment by establishing Antenna Radio in Greece.

Today the Group is led by its Group CEO, Theo Kyriakou and its media assets are estimated to reach a worldwide audience in more than 20 countries. It has a strong focus on building shareholder value through media expertise and investment insight.
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Group employs over 2.600 staff in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

ANTENNA Group business activities are extended in a variety of Media companies which include both free and subscription channels, digital assets, media production companies, radio stations, a publishing company, a record company, TV content distribution, telecommunication services, educational services, etc. ANTENNA Group TV-channels are available to the viewers through some of the leading cable networks worldwide, such as Time Warner Cable, DISH, Foxtel, and Unity Media.
ANTENNA Group operations cover 14 industries in 20 countries across Europe, USA, North America, Australia and Asia, while ANTENNA Group continues to grow, develop and expand not only geographically but also in new Media businesses, such as new thematic TV and Internet channels.

Furthermore, Antenna Group as a strategic partner is among the major shareholders of the investment bank Raine Group, based in New York and having presence in several fast growing companies in the United States and globally. It is worth noting that ANTENNA Group in cooperation with Raine Group made a significant investment in 2016, with the acquisition of Imagine Entertainment, one of Hollywood's most successful media production companies, which is renowned for its great productions, with “Inferno” being its most recent blockbuster movie.
Looking forward to the future, ANTENNA Group continues to seek new opportunities and markets, invests in pioneering ideas, while in parallel works with the same eagerness as always, pursuing high quality standards and consolidating its leadership position.

Antenna Group following its major company priority to offer world-class quality events to its audience, back in October 2011 has succeeded to acquire the exclusive rights of the award winning program “The Met: Live in HD” for Greece and Cyprus.
“The Met: Live in HD” series, which now reaches more than 2.000 theaters in 73 countries, makes the Met the world’s leading provider of alternative cinema content and the only arts institution with an ongoing global series of this scale. From the launch of the series in Greece and Cyprus in 2011 until today, the series has broadcasted a wide range of classical masterpieces in the screens, giving the opportunity to all the opera lovers to enjoy their favorite productions, right from the home of the most creative and talented singers, musicians, conductors and composers, the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

The Greek audience reserved a warm welcome to Antenna’s initiative to support “The Met: Live in HD” screenings in venues all over Greece and Cyprus. The audience has gradually discovered this magical new experience in every new screening of the series these past seasons, and it is truly remarkable how viewership in Athens, Thessaloniki and in other Greek cities has rapidly grown beyond any expectation!